Virtual Cycling Studio

Virtual Cycling Studio

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We use the Tacx Neo 2 smart trainer so you enjoy all the features the latest virtual programs offer.
All your data will be accurate so your work outs and race results will be true. Each rider has their own big screen display and high efficiency fans to keep you cool. If you have your own bike it will hook up to our equipment. We have bikes already hooked up and ready to go with flat or clipless pedals. Whatever you prefer just call ahead and we will have it set up and waiting for you.

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Not everyone wants to commit $3000 to $5000 for an at home cycling "Pain Cave". Perhaps two or more family members want to ride together in the same event or at the same time. You may not have the space available. Noise could bother neighbours or other family members. The Virtual Cycling Studio environment allows you to do your own thing or ride with or race against your friends.

We Support All Virtual Cycling Programs



Enjoy the workout of the future in our studio.
Have fun with hundreds of 3D routes and videos, structured workouts and classes designed by world-renowned professional trainers.

The Sufferfest

Entertaining sessions and very well tailored training zones Sign up and download the app and you’ll discover a host of cycling training videos, as well as running sessions, yoga and mental training. There are training plans, devised by APEX coach Neal Henderson, that can be downloaded in PDF form and The Sufferfest is now working with Training Peaks to provide integration so that athletes can access data and sessions all in one place.


Enjoy hundreds of amazing rides around the world in a level of realism you won’t find anywhere else.

Our rides are filmed on bikes to the highest standards then processed with our own unique technology. This allows us to bring you the best experience every time you ride.


Best for focused training and progression.

There are over 100 different plans, which are very specific – for climbing road racers, criterium riders, time trialists, rolling road racers, century riders, triathletes (sprint to full distance), XC Olympic, XC marathon, short track XC, cyclocross, gravity and general fitness riders.


Turn a boring trainer ride into a fun adventure! Ride real routes from some of the most beautiful places in the world in the climate controlled comfort and safety of our studio! Just jump on one of our virtual bikes and experience real roads, real riders, real feelings - that´s Rouvy!


You may have your own plan you have developed and put on your laptop.

Just bring it in. We will help you get it up and running on our smart trainers and big screens.


It’s controllable, so completing set intervals and tracking progress is accurate

Structured training plans to help you reach your goals. Whether that is a GranFondo, a bike tour in Europe or just wanting to get fitter.

It’s possible to push harder since there’s no need to worry about traffic

There are times you want to go for a bike ride to get out and explore, enjoy the beauty all around us and breath the fresh air. Avoiding traffic and navigating all the obstacles is part of the experiece. And then there are times for training with a purpose.

It’s warm and dry in fall and winter. Air conditioned in the heat of Summer

As much as we love riding our bikes sometimes it doesn't happen because we only have an hour or its raining and cleaning the bike for an hour after is no fun or its freezing or its scorching hot or you are recovering from an injury.

Join group rides where you can measure yourself against others in the comfort of the studio

There are group rides scheduled several times a day at every level. Some with several hundred riders. You can always find an easy recovery ride or a flat out fight for your life to stay with the group ride.

Anyone can join races at their level of fitness and do things we could never do outside

Fight to stay in the peloton, try to make the break, go for a sprint win or be king of the mountain. If you have watched the big Grand Tours you are familiar with these scenarios. Us normal people will never have a chance to experience these things unless you join one of the online races. Categories for every level of fitness allow us to enjoy this aspect of cycling we could never do IRL.

Real Life Videos not Animation

If you prefer to see the world exactly as it is there are apps where you can ride and look at real life videos of hundreds of locations all over the world. From all the iconic climbs of the Grand Tours to pedaling along seawalls in all the great waterfront cities of the world.


The biggest reason for the incredible popularity of Virtual Cycling is that it is fun. Not everyone wants to train for a world record. Most of us want to be healthy and realize exercise is a key factor to that end. When you look at the hundreds of Virtual events happening every day you will always find the perfect one for how you feel. These cover the full spectrum of "degree of difficulty", from all out races, casual group rides, recovery rides, rehab rides, there is always something for everyone. This is where people from all over the world meet to share the joy of cycling. Friendships happen in this virtual world just like real life.

Before Virtual Cycling, half an hour on the trainer felt like an eternity. If you are like me and thousands of others you will find yourself looking forward to your favorite virtual rides, meeting up with new friends and then discussing the ride afterwards.



One Ride Covers Any Event 1- 3 Hours
One Ride10 Rides20 Rides

Towels and water included.

All prices are with client using their bike.

Add $5 per visit if you use our bikes.


Or Set Up Your Monthly Membership Today

Only $99 - Unlimited Rides



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